17 Jul

Talend Unveils Multi-Cloud Big Data Integration Solution

Talend, a provider of cloud and big data integration solutions, unveiled a new version of its Talend Data Fabric platform that is optimised to manage cloud and multi-cloud enterprise IT environments.

Talend Summer ’17 helps seamlessly manage information across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cloudera Altus, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and Snowflake platforms, enabling customers to rapidly integrate, cleanse and analyse data to fuel innovation and gain a competitive edge.

As businesses continue to evolve their cloud strategies, many find that it’s imperative to use services from several different cloud providers to deliver value across their business units. In fact, according to IDC, more than 50 percent of IT organisations already utilise a multi-cloud approach and another 20 percent have plans to implement [a multi-cloud strategy] within 12 months.

Ashley Stirrup, CMO, Talend said:

Companies are adopting cloud platforms at an unprecedented pace and as they do so, they are selecting different platforms to address varying business needs
In this environment, CIOs must design their IT infrastructure with agility to deliver in a hybrid, multi-cloud world. Using Talend Data Fabric, companies can develop data pipelines on any of the leading cloud platforms with peace of mind in knowing whatever they develop will be able to run on the latest cloud and open source innovations

The Summer ’17 release of Talend Data Fabric allows customers to access a rich and growing library of Talend native cloud components, using intuitive drag-and-drop visual tools to build big data workflows that run in nearly any cloud, almost anywhere. Adding to its already robust support for AWS, the new version of Talend Data Fabric includes new capabilities for Cloudera Altus, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and Snowflake that allow customers to:

Speed Multi-Cloud Pipeline Development:

Talend Summer ‘17 delivers a range of new connectors for Azure, Cloudera and Google Cloud that span Big Data, cloud data warehousing, NoSQL, and messaging platforms. Additionally, the newest version of Talend Data Fabric includes the industry’s first support for Cloudera Altus, a platform-as-a-service offering that

simplifies customers’ construction and deployment of intelligent data pipelines on Cloudera – minimising the need for operational support.

Accelerate Migration to the Cloud:

Talend Summer ’17 helps rapidly migrate on-premises data to the cloud, so customers can simply and intuitively build cloud data warehouses, power richer analytics, and speed time-to-insight. With this release Talend delivers the fastest bulk loader connector for Snowflake that accelerates data migration by up to 20X. Using data quality and visual extract, transform and load tools, Talend reduces the time needed to migrate on-premises and cloud data to Snowflake.

Build Once, Use Everywhere:

Talend Summer ’17 provides the flexibility and portability to take development work designed for one cloud platform and reuse it with other cloud platforms. This is designed to help customers rapidly adopt new innovations in cloud services and future-proof current development work. Consequently, businesses can rapidly combine and analyse data in new ways to innovate faster, while reducing their maintenance and development costs.

Delivering Data Quality with Machine Learning at Big Data Scale:

As data stores grow, customers must find new ways to clean and combine data at scale with even less human intervention. Talend Summer ’17 utilises Apache Spark-powered machine learning algorithms to automate and accelerate data matching and cleansing, improving scale, performance and accuracy. Over time, these algorithms monitor decisions made by data curators to become more intelligent and accurate. These new algorithms and machine learning capabilities are designed to work seamlessly with Talend’s intuitive, role-base Data Stewardship app, to enable continuous improvement within each data quality model.

Enterprises worldwide, across all industries use Talend together with our partners’ products to create truly data-driven solutions.

Walter Aldana, Snowflake’s vice president of Alliances said:

Talend and Snowflake have a solid partnership that continues to benefit our joint customers
With Talend’s newest Snowflake connector, enterprises will see even more efficiencies when moving data into Snowflake. Talend’s architecture capitalises on Snowflakes’ parallel loading capabilities, which enables our joint customers to easily load a diverse set of data types so they can jumpstart their cloud data warehousing projects much faster

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