30 Jun

Scan to Cloud. Fast.

Taking a picture of a receipt, invoice, report is great and convenient today than it was ever before. With the growing population of self employed and mobile workers along with the support of technology and software the global workforce is equipped to carry out business, employment and meetings almost anywhere.

That being said, then comes the issue of tech knowledge, scan resolution, lens angle issue and not to mention the quality of paper which has been crunched in our pocket or bag for a day (or week!) We then send it off to the finance team or our accountants via email for processing.

There is an alternative, more convenient and an option that does not clog up your phone memory. An alternative which you can conveniently text search for the content of the scanned document or receipt without having to search through hundreds of images on your mobile phone to find which receipt you were actually looking for.

The technology company, Fujitsu has come up with a solution that is portable and lightweight enough to be carried in handbags or briefcases anywhere you go. They have called it ScanSnap iX100 and its prominent function is being able to scan to the cloud / shared drive, for colleagues to use and work on. For those self employed it is a great way to digitise business cards and swiftly send documents to clients. The benefit of speed and the days of providing documents before having to be near a static office-bound flatbed scanner, before the office close, are over.

The utilisation of cloud technology and scanning to Microsoft Office for editing makes this lightweight device a useful and must have for those on the go.

The ScanSnap iX100 does not need to be plugged in when in operation. It is used wirelessly and controlled via an Android or Apple mobile device and when it comes to charging, it can be powered by the USB socket on your laptop or even with your mobile phone micro USB cable. It is truly geared for the mobile person who needs to digitise paper up to A4 size.

This piece of tech also is smart and small enough to be placed on a desk in the office to carry out lightweight tasks of scanning a few pages or images over to co-workers.