04 Jul

Big in Japan – DFK International Annual Conference

The DFK International Annual Conference will be staged in Japan for the first time.

Japan Global AccountantFollowing on from the 50th anniversary of DFK International being celebrated at last year’s annual conference in Paris, another milestone will be reached this July with Japan staging the event for 2013.

The conference in Tokyo will be hosted by DFK International member firms Larkin & Associates and SK Tokyo Audit Corporation from Wednesday, July 17 to Friday, July 19 and opened by Scott Hazy, President of DFK International.

Martin Sharp, Executive Director of DFK International, said:

Japan is one of the world’s most important economies and the Asia-Pacific region is a great focus for global growth.

Many people are looking at the Japanese experience in economic terms. The long period of austerity and the impact that has had on the Japanese yen could yield lessons for western economies.

The conference will give delegates a valuable insight into the country’s economy and business opportunities.

Tetsuaki Inoue, partner at SK Tokyo Audit Corporation said:

The timing is perfect for Japan to be hosting DFK International’s major conference.

Japan is now the third largest GDP country in the world, and is said to be losing its presence in the global economy especially over the last 10 years.

But with our one-and-only high quality standards of products and services that attract customers all over the world, we think we still have opportunities to grow in the future.

With more investors coming to Japan, the more opportunities there will be for DFK International members to serve their clients in the region.

DFK International is delighted to have secured two high-profile external speakers to address the conference being held at the Shinjuku Hilton.

Atsushi Kato, who until very recently was Vice-Chairman of the Accounting Standards Board of Japan, will provide information about the nation’s accounting standards.

Ian de Stains OBE, former Executive Director of the British Chambers of Commerce in Japan, will give a valuable insight into life and business culture in Japan.

Brad Larkin, CEO of Larkin & Associates, said:

We’re looking forward to meeting up with everyone that attends and catching up with members from firms we deal with regularly.

I hope everyone coming to the conference will get out and about as much as possible so that they can take away a much higher level of appreciation for the language and cultural differences that have to be dealt with when doing business in Japan.

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